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I'm an ordinary multidisciplinary guy who has already experienced something.

See what experience I can offer you.



Research, Analysis & Planning
User Experience Design
User Interface Design
Web Design
Landing Pages Design
Logo Design
Brand Design
Stationery Design
Design Systems
Icon Design
Web Development
WordPress Development
WooCommerce Integration
Accessibility Testing
Cross-device & Cross-browser Testing
On-page Search Engine Optimization
Performance Optimization
Server & Hosting Settings
Post-deployment Support

Tech Stack

Creativity & Perfectionism
Figma / Spline / Adobe CC
WordPress / WooCommerce
PHP / Composer / Security
MySQL / MariaDB
Vanilla JavaScript / jQuery
NPM / WebPack / Bun
Ubuntu Server / Nginx / Apache / DNS
Git / GitHub / GitLab
Google PageSpeed Insights
Google Analytics
Google Search Console


2000 — 2004

Studying at the Secondary Industrial School of Mechanical Engineering

High School Graduate
I've successfully graduated high school with a focus on management and operation of machines.


2000 — 2004


Graphic Designer / Web Designer / Web Developer
My focus on web design & web development started in 2000 when we founded the punk-rock band called "My nevíme" and I started looking for a way to build a website for us. Like many developers, I also started with Microsoft FrontPage and Macromedia Flash. Gold times. :-)
2004 — 2005

Cube Web Developers

Junior Web Designer / Junior Web Developer
After completing my studies, I stepped into the real world and found a job at Cube Web Developers as a junior web designer where I learned to be a web developer. It was an interesting experience that moved me forward.
2005 — 2011

Barton Studio

Co-founder / Creative Director / UX&UI Designer
Me, Milan, and Štěpán founded a brand new company focused on web design & development, so we entered the big world of the business. Later, I became more of an external freelance maker.
2006 — 2008

ePoradce / A&B

Graphic/UX/UI Designer / Front-end Developer
I've collaborated internally with a company focused on web development and managing some interesting web (CaravanLife - an independent portal about caravaning and travel, etc.), and non-web projects (A1 Café - a network of cafes in the Czech Republic, etc.).
2008 — 2009

Destinační společnost Krkonoše

UX/UI Designer
I've collaborated remotely on several design projects with an amazing web development company from the Krkonoše mountains.
2009 — 2011


Founder / Graphic/UX/UI Designer / Front-end Developer
I've built a successful project to sell PSD and HTML templates for the web.
2010 — 2014

Grand Pixels

Founder / UX/UI Designer / WordPress Theme Designer & Developer
I've built a custom project to sell WordPress themes and provide custom WordPress services.
2010 — 2011


UX/UI Designer
I've collaborated remotely on many projects with amazing people Carlos and Felix from the Spanish studio Ting!.
2011 — 2012

Neutral Solution

UX/UI Designer
I've collaborated on several projects with my friend Pavel from the web development company in Pilsen.
2011 — 2012


Co-founder / CTO / UX/UI Designer / Front-end Developer
Together with a friend Vašek, we founded an online store for selling skate shoes, clothing, and accessories. We also organized the skate competition.
2011 — 2013

Webstory Solution

UX/UI Designer
With a long-time friend Petr from Webstory Solution company, we've collaborated on several projects regarding web design and web analytics.
2013 — 2014

Paulos Themes

WordPress Theme Designer & Developer
I've collaborated on the design and development of several WordPress themes.
2014 — Present


Founder / WordPress Theme Designer & Developer
I've created a new project to sell hand-crafted WordPress themes, especially with a strong focus on building websites for restaurants and food-related businesses. The project has outgrown the focus, and now I also offer multi-purpose WordPress themes.
2018 — 2024

Dream Product

Front-end Developer / WordPress Developer / Server Administrator
I'm collaborating as a front-end developer on many projects with the Dream Product company from Slovakia.
2023 — Present


Front-end Developer / WordPress Developer
I'm collaborating as a front-end developer on many projects with the Eboost company from Czechia.
2008 — Present


UX/UI Designer / Front-end Developer / WordPress Developer / Server Administrator
I love the freelance work that brings huge project diversity, challenges, and creative freedom. ;-)


CSS Design Awards — Special Kudos — 2015

Webdesign Inspiration — Great Webdesign — 2015

Web Top 100 — Designová Trefa — 2010

So this is my career, that isn't over yet, will you join?

Currently Available for July 2024